These past four years have seen a lot of growth and change for our City. We’ve seen unprecedented investment in our City and we’ve started our journey as a tourism powerhouse. All this during a global pandemic. Imagine what we can do together once Covid-19 is behind us.

I’m proud of what our Council has accomplished…

We’ve worked to attract young people and families to our City

Splash pad at Bowater Park

  • We ended the regressive and unfair poll tax once and for all
  • We added a wildly-successful splash pad to Bowater Park
  • We secured funds for a new Aquatics Centre in partnership with MUN and our neighbours
  • We got the long-overdue Jubilee Field Clubhouse done
  • We started programs like Active Tots to give young parents and grandparents a place to bring their little treasures regardless of rain or snow

We’ve reinvigorated our tourism sector

ATVs at City Hall

  • We started a strategic tourism plan with a regional focus
  • We hired dedicated tourism staff to spearhead that initiative
  • We established first of its kind ATV route and road access for residents
  • We supported Sno-Riders on building ATV and snowmobile access to City
  • We worked with volunteers to make Come Home Year a reality
  • We showed the world we’re in the tourism game with initiatives like the Mill Whistler Train and Corner Brook sign

We’ve brought order and transparency to Council

Council meeting streaming on Facebook

  • We started online broadcast of Council meetings
  • We ended weekly closed-door “briefings” in favour of public meetings
  • We established a Council Code of Conduct
  • We passed a Remuneration Bylaw that does not allow Council to set its own pay

We’re changing the business story

Container ship docked at port

  • As part of the Corner Brook Port Corporation board, we established international container freight service
  • We’ve seen unprecedented private sector investment in City because of new economic confidence in our region
  • We completed land deals to see dozens of new, affordable homes build here in the next 2-3 years
  • We launched online applications for building permits and procured new permit software to streamline the process
  • We cut business taxes for tourism and hospitality businesses while making big box stores pay more

We managed the pandemic crisis

Supporting essential workers during pandemic

  • We made tough fiscal decisions to cut $1.5M in spending during pandemic to avoid tax hikes
  • We established tax credits and deferrals for small businesses hardest hit at the beginning of the pandemic
  • We passed $1M-smaller budget for 2021 anticipating ongoing effects of pandemic on City revenues
  • We provided calm, steady leadership and communication at a time when our community faced a great deal of anxiety

We’re building relationships within our community and with our neighbours

Building permanent relationships with Qalipu First Nation

  • We’re working with our Mill to investigate shared wastewater treatment
  • We’re partnering with the Mill, Grenfell, CNA and our government partners to revitalize the mill admin building into a new Innovation Centre
  • We’ve established community advisory committees on Accessibility, Youth and Social Services
  • We’re building a new Regional Aquatics Centre with our municipal neighbours and Grenfell
  • We’re building more community gardens with the Western Environment Centre
  • We’re showing our commitment to Qalipu First Nation though permanent public symbols, public art and through our partnership on Participark